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Friday, January 1st, 2016 04:45 pm
One of my resolutions this year, I have just now decided, is to post here more often. So expect to see more of me.

New Year's Eve was kind of a repeat of New Year's Eve the year before--seeing Mr. J's cover band play in a Midtown club. Mod Boy wasn't there this time around but my obsession with him has died down to the level of "oh, well." I crashed at my parents' place after because it was closer than my place, which meant I got kolacky for breakfast. Put the year on a good starting foot.

I'm at work now (I got New Year's Eve off, so I can't complain too much) on my meal break. I packed a roast beef sandwich with spinach and provolone and bought a bottle of raspberry lemonade. It's the little pleasures.

I want 2016 to be the year I pick up the guitar again (I've lapsed horribly) and add a few new songs to my repertoire. I want it to be the year I hit flower #2500 in my Ten Thousand Flowers Project. I'd love it to be the year The Two Kinds of Magic sells to a legitimate publisher, but that's not entirely up to me.

Whatever happens, I hope it will be better than 2015 (which wasn't a bad year, all told, but definitely had room for improvement.)

Today I took pleasure in a roast beef sandwich.

Today I learned I can get a journal entry in during a meal break at work.


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