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Friday, September 4th, 2015 07:00 pm
The convention theoretically starts on Friday but I went down Wednesday and there were already people in costume wandering around. Just not as many of them. I had a drink with my sister and met a couple other cool people.

Thursday night was already crowded and they even had a few events going on. I packed for an overnight in my jeans (drugs in one pocket, foldable travel toothbrush in the other) and crashed in my sister's room. Met up with The Twins and a few other cool folks and made some new friends.

Friday morning I did something I rarely do at DragonCon--attend a panel. It was a Q&A with Bill Corbett of MST3K and RiffTrax fame. The line snaked back and forth and around for a ridiculously long stretch, but I did eventually get in and got a decent seat. They did a RiffTrax trivia contest that I knew nearly all the answers to, and then the Q&A portion which was thankfully devoid of the kind of nitpicky geek questions that such endeavors risk.

Once that was done, I took MARTA home to pick up my suitcase and grab some lunch and a shower. Then I trundled back to the Hyatt and dropped off my bag in the room I will be staying in. Thus unburdened, I went to the Hospitality Suite and drew a couple of flowers. I went down to the Walk of Fame and tried to find Bill Corbett so I could shake his hand and get a copy of the graphic novel he did, Super Powered Revenge Christmas. Alas, he was not at his table. (Turned out he had another panel that I'd missed.) I gave up and got dinner and now I'm up in my older brother's room, enjoying the calm before the storm.

Today I took pleasure in a free glass of wine.

Today I learned some more about the RiffTrax writing process.


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