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Sunday, February 15th, 2015 04:01 pm
Friday the 13th, I went on a job interview. The fact that they were so eager to hire me--and indeed eager to hire anybody with a resume on, judging by the phone calls I overheard--made me suspicious enough to ask to sleep on it. I decided that working on commission is not for me and I'll be sending my regrets come Monday.

There were a couple of different things I could have gone to on Friday night but it was cold and I was cranky so I stayed home and watched RiffTrax and a really fun documentary called American Scary about the phenomenon of TV horror hosts.

Saturday was housecleaning and grocery shopping and then dressing in black for an event at the EARL called Bloody Valentine. It was an evening of circus performers, murder ballads, and theatrical mayhem. I stood in the front row, which put me at risk of getting spattered with fake blood. (I emerged unscathed, but I had to pack a change of clothes anyway because of the cigarette smoke.) The show included ladies in kimonos with horse head masks, infanticide, hanging and the electric chair, among other lurid displays. They played it with absolute conviction, because playing it with a wink and a nod would have diminished it somewhat. All in all, the best Valentine's Day in recent memory.

Sunday I've been holed up at the parents' house because I don't want to have to venture outside more than absolutely necessary. We have possible snow on the way and while it's nothing compared to what [ profile] puppetmaker40 has had to go through, it's still a potential mess out there. At any rate, cold enough to sustain snow is not the kind of cold I relish being in.

Today I took pleasure in a glass of milk.

Today I learned that Betsey Johnson has been designing clothes for a lot longer than I realized.


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